From Principal’s Desk



With each passing year we take a step forward towards another level of maturity in our journey from infancy to adult – hood to the eventful state of full bloom and this pilgrim’s progress is not without pleasures and nightmares, the pitfalls, the contretemps, the sight of underage optimism and the hurrah of success.
The year rolled by has been evidential to a multitude of events as varied and verigated as the vast panorama of this terra firma. The microcosm of Little Flower Convent School which is oriented to shape the destinies of its students in the changing dynamics of social churning and material fascinations and guides them during their initial steps has also seen a number of changes during the preceding year.

As the world goes multi-polar, as the opportunities in a variety of disciplines multiply as the demand for multi-personality increases, the school faces a growing challenge to board base and reorient its approach satisfaction from our achievements.

I am aware of the enormity of the task that lies ahead and the vast expense that is yet to be charted. All of us therefore would be well advised to us therefore would be well advised to remember that complacency and status. Quo should be kept at arm’s length and each morning of each day should begin as if we were taking life’s first step upon the unknown and unseen. Poetic justice indoctrinates that education is the ornament in prosperity and refuge in adversity. The academic performance of an institution is the yardstick used for gauging its stature in society. We strive to provide our students with bigger platforms to perform and gain confidence to move ahead on the road of success. The school is continuously imparting value – based education within the guidelines prescribed by CBSE.